The Stuff of Life

Tapestries, quilts, all varieties of textile art showing gardens and seasons and yes, even dementia: I felt like I was looking at threads of my own life, much of what I’ve written about lately. My annual walk through the exhibits and stalls of the Knitting and Stitching Show resonated with me. Clematis, by Judy Drysdale,… Continue reading The Stuff of Life

The Truth Is

It starts casually, like most conversations, this recap of a colleague’s visit to a Black History Week event. The points she carries back to me are mostly about how difficult it is for Africans to find jobs in Ireland – beyond the roles of carers or drivers – and how, without jobs and the integration and… Continue reading The Truth Is

Walk about the Neighbourhood: Howth

Living just footsteps away from mountains, ocean, forest and farmland while on Vancouver Island, we gave ourselves the challenge of at least one hike a month. We strode our way through a good list of hikes* as well as enchanting neighbourhood strolls  (links below for the walk about series), and have been encouraged to make… Continue reading Walk about the Neighbourhood: Howth

Change in the Air

As autumn rolls in with colours transforming, temperature (mostly) dropping and light lessening, it feels like time to change, as if it’s the real new year. I’m marking the move from summer to autumn by writing more poetry, ordering organic vegetable boxes, getting back on my bike. Fresh, creative, and pushing me just that little… Continue reading Change in the Air

One thing leads to another

It all started after Christmas, though you could say it had roots as far back as my set dancing years more than two decades ago. In that end of year time of looking both inward and ahead, I decided another season had come to do something more for my writing, so one evening in front… Continue reading One thing leads to another

Baby It’s Cold

My first swim of the season was a Sunday evening after a weekend of prolonged travel because of a missed flight; bright white heat; a prom photo session with an unfamiliar camera in high contrast sun and shadow; and the first Father’s Day without my own father (and with the father of my children on… Continue reading Baby It’s Cold

Happy birthday to you…

Grief is marked by a long list of firsts: first day, first night, first Christmas, Easter, Father’s Day, walk in the park, board game, family dinner, on it goes. My father’s birthday was this past week and though we weren’t sure at first how to mark it, I think my sister and I nailed it… Continue reading Happy birthday to you…