The Best Day?

This post began a few months ago, although its roots are 20 years old today. In its previous life, this post was about my feelings that my wedding was not exactly the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE  (bold, caps and italics my own – and almost everybody’s really). The combination of some things not going… Continue reading The Best Day?

Canada 150: 15 Ways to Experience Nanaimo Bar

In my post 15 Canadian foods you need to find and eat, I described Nanaimo bar: “Chocolate, butter, sugar, nuts, coconut: what’s not to love? This iconic treat is a celebrity in my hometown and deserves a post all on its own.” It’s been tough, but I’ve done it. Armed with my trusty Nanaimo Bar Trail brochure,… Continue reading Canada 150: 15 Ways to Experience Nanaimo Bar

Enquiring Minds | Inspiring Minds

You know how sometimes you just run into people who make you stop what you’re doing and take notice? Three people crossed my path lately who gave me pause. I’m still thinking. Wilhelmina: On our walks to and from the local school, we pass an empty lot, where the 100 year old house was recently demolished.… Continue reading Enquiring Minds | Inspiring Minds

Canada 150: 15 Great Canadian Destinations

  Second largest nation by land area, Canada ranked just 17th for annual number of international tourists (2014), before Macao and after Poland. Not known for sun holidays (though the summers can be amazing) or for huge casinos and massive cities, there is a vast amount to see in Canada – with the emphasis on vast. I… Continue reading Canada 150: 15 Great Canadian Destinations

Bits and Piecework

It’s amazing what happens when you find someone else’s unfinished project or stash of fabric or other craft supplies. I’ve been going through my mom’s – she may have a nasty shock when she reads this, but we can deal with that then – and found a few gems. Thrift stores supplied the other parts,… Continue reading Bits and Piecework

Canada 150: 15 Canadian foods you need to find and eat

How can we celebrate Canada’s 150th without a feast? 1.Maple syrup: I know everyone’s waiting for this one, but you can’t have a list of Canadian eats and not include Sirop d’érable. When I was 17, my high school French class went on an exchange visit to Quebec and one of our day trips was… Continue reading Canada 150: 15 Canadian foods you need to find and eat

Another Walk About the Neighbourhood

A beautiful afternoon: time for another walk around our neighbourhood, this time in the opposite direction. To read about a previous walk, click here. Off we went to the park, Bowen Park, dodging and ducking the disc golf players and their flying frisbees. Spring is late here in Nanaimo, but finally the trees are blossoming. and some of… Continue reading Another Walk About the Neighbourhood