Lost Things

On our last summer visit to Canada, we began the journey by leaving a brand new, lovely, expensive hoodie on our first flight (and missing our next flight – but not because of the hoodie, kind of the other way around). Of course we didn’t miss it straight away, so weren’t sure where we last… Continue reading Lost Things

Little Bit of Lace

I know all of you, dear readers, have been wondering what to do with your leftover lacy bits. You know, those doilies with a bit of a stain that lemon juice, sunshine, salt, 20 Mule Team Borax or elbow grease just won’t remove, or a small tear that defies even the finest stitching with the… Continue reading Little Bit of Lace


Despite reading everything I could find on what to do if I run into a bear or a cougar, the worst I faced on our recent camping trip in the Fraser Canyon were chipmunks. Thankfully. I’ve been looking up advice on what to do if you encounter wildlife: we’re hoping to camp on the north… Continue reading Danger!

Round About the Neighbourhood

You know it’s a great neighbourhood when you can hop on your bike, head down the hill to the waterfront and a very small ferry, with your destination Newcastle Island, Saysatshun, an island provincial park that is part of Snuneymuxw First Nation Traditional Territory. Newcastle’s rich history goes back centuries, but my own Newcastle history goes… Continue reading Round About the Neighbourhood

The Best Day?

This post began a few months ago, although its roots are 20 years old today. In its previous life, this post was about my feelings that my wedding was not exactly the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE  (bold, caps and italics my own – and almost everybody’s really). The combination of some things not going… Continue reading The Best Day?

Canada 150: 15 Ways to Experience Nanaimo Bar

In my post 15 Canadian foods you need to find and eat, I described Nanaimo bar: “Chocolate, butter, sugar, nuts, coconut: what’s not to love? This iconic treat is a celebrity in my hometown and deserves a post all on its own.” It’s been tough, but I’ve done it. Armed with my trusty Nanaimo Bar Trail brochure,… Continue reading Canada 150: 15 Ways to Experience Nanaimo Bar

Enquiring Minds | Inspiring Minds

You know how sometimes you just run into people who make you stop what you’re doing and take notice? Three people crossed my path lately who gave me pause. I’m still thinking. Wilhelmina: On our walks to and from the local school, we pass an empty lot, where the 100 year old house was recently demolished.… Continue reading Enquiring Minds | Inspiring Minds