Brown Paper Packages

Lo, ’tis the season for mail, despite the digital age. We wait and we hope for the things we’ve ordered to arrive (some have, some may still…) and place bets on the amount of cards this household will receive. But it’s not just about waiting and hoping: there’s a bit of effort involved here, a… Continue reading Brown Paper Packages

Handmade Smthngs

Around my place, it’s always “make something time” in this season, so my interest was piqued by an email from Greenpeace telling me 2-10 December is Make Smthng Week. So it’s official; it’s not just me! In their words, Make Smthng Week is “an international festival of making, challenging our consumerist culture that has cut quality… Continue reading Handmade Smthngs

World AIDS Day Meets a Peanut Ginger Garlic Dip

An über tasty dip and World AIDS Day don’t usually have good reason to be linked, unless the recipe for said dip comes via Nireekshana ACET, a community-based care centre in Hyderabad, India. Nireekshana is “dedicated to the compassionate care and support of people infected and effected with HIV/AIDS, TB, Leprosy and other diseases of poverty”.… Continue reading World AIDS Day Meets a Peanut Ginger Garlic Dip

Beauty Garland

Are you less crafty than a fox? Here’s a simple project for you: All you need to be able to do is cut fairly straight and tie knots. I bought a selection of small pieces of Christmas-y fabric, spending less than 10 with lots left over for my stash other projects. One of the great… Continue reading Beauty Garland

Canada 150: 15 Canadian tunesters

There is so much more to Canadian music than J***t*n B**b**, D***e, and C***ne D**n, but still, this is not a definitive list (unless you’re using it to define a 1960s-born west coast Canadian who has lived about half her life outside Canada). I hope it’s a reflective list though, showing off the range of… Continue reading Canada 150: 15 Canadian tunesters


It is while sifting through my recipe files that I miss my mother-in-law, Carmel, the most. I have inherited her stash of handwritten notes and recipes along with a tattered book or two, that are now part of the mix of newspaper clippings, pages cut from magazines, and online print outs that fill two folders… Continue reading Barmbrack

Canada 150: 15 thank yous on Thanksgiving

As autumn starts to show her lovely colours and I begin preparing for Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, I thought no better way to mark it (okay, pumpkin pie would be a better way, and so would caramel-topped pear pie, but both those will be on our table – woo hoo! – so what better OTHER… Continue reading Canada 150: 15 thank yous on Thanksgiving