Looking Forward

I am a firm believer in having something to look forward to, especially in these dark months of winter and January with it’s Blue Monday*, which will almost certainly be followed by Grey Tuesday and Meh Wednesday. I’ll admit: the dreaded January is really only about 3 weeks as the twelve days of Christmas here… Continue reading Looking Forward

You are Welcome

In early December, we said good bye to another house guest, our eighth since we returned from Canada the end of August. Our guests ranged from age 19 to early 70s, and represented five nations. One of the visits was planned for more than a year, with our friend’s desire to come and visit going… Continue reading You are Welcome

Good Health, Good Cheer

If the throat tickles start and the coughing gets rough, when the sniffles begin and life feels kinda tough, that’s when you need magic*, our secret recipe (it’s secret no longer): a drink we call Head Tea. This amazing potion, called an aromatic infusion in the book where I saw the recipe, was christened head… Continue reading Good Health, Good Cheer

Kennedy Street Bog

It was a beautiful, muted sort of November morning. I love Ireland’s winter light, and the rich colours of bog and fields seemed to highlight it even more.   The plan for the day was to have lunch and a long overdue catch up with friends, so we decided to do our November family walk… Continue reading Kennedy Street Bog

Connecting Threads

“We all need somebody to lean on…” ACET staff will be singing that next week, as we always do, at the annual Friends Remembering Friends commemoration in Rialto. And we do: we need folks around us; we need to connect. A small sewing flurry I recently completed was triggered, as I recognised part way through, … Continue reading Connecting Threads

The Stuff of Life

Tapestries, quilts, all varieties of textile art showing gardens and seasons and yes, even dementia: I felt like I was looking at threads of my own life, much of what I’ve written about lately. My annual walk through the exhibits and stalls of the Knitting and Stitching Show resonated with me. Clematis, by Judy Drysdale,… Continue reading The Stuff of Life

The Truth Is

It starts casually, like most conversations, this recap of a colleague’s visit to a Black History Week event. The points she carries back to me are mostly about how difficult it is for Africans to find jobs in Ireland – beyond the roles of carers or drivers – and how, without jobs and the integration and… Continue reading The Truth Is