A Story and a Legend

Every story has its ending sometime. In our estate, one lovely story ended this week with the passing of our amazing neighbour, Mrs. Lynch. My part of that story started just after we were married. I decided to host a coffee morning for the Irish Hospice Foundation, an annual happening in Ireland. Although I did… Continue reading A Story and a Legend

What To Do When There’s Nothing To Do

It’s easy these days to think about all those things we can’t do at the moment, especially now that Ireland has stepped back again into stricter guidelines. I could list all those things I’m missing — sometimes it is good to stop and mourn — but I think it’s also helpful to relish what I… Continue reading What To Do When There’s Nothing To Do

Irish Muffins

Bread is one of those things that has both the hint of the sacred and the touch of the common about it. From Jesus’ “I am the Bread of Life” and the symbolism of his broken body in the communion loaf to wheat symbolising resurrection, carrying within its life cycle the mystery of birth and… Continue reading Irish Muffins

Messing about with a Boat…

… Or How to Cope with Anxiety on Holiday Drifting along a canal in a barge seems like a perfect COVID holiday: we’ll get out of the city, won’t be interacting with too many strangers, and will have a chance to do something we’ve wanted to do since we first walked along the canal. We… Continue reading Messing about with a Boat…

Just Djouce

Feeling both ambitious and restless, our latest explorations led us south to the Wicklow Mountain National Park and one of its most accessible peaks, Djouce (Irish: Dioghais, ‘fortified height’) which has a short but steep climb to its 725 metre (2,379 ft) summit. Although there are a couple of ways to approach Djouce, the route… Continue reading Just Djouce

Only Connect

The Cathal Buí Hedge School — named for Cathal Buí Mac Giolla Ghunna (c. 1680 – 1756) an Irish speaking poet, singer and quick wit —  celebrates the man himself with a reading of his well-known poem The Yellow Bittern (about a bird who died not able to drink from a frozen lake, the moral… Continue reading Only Connect

Much Mór

It started as a grand soft day in County Clare. This was the first weekend since March we Irish were allowed to travel farther than our own counties and a friend had decided that once she could leave Dublin, she would head west and climb Mullaghmór, the iconic mountain in the Burren (Boireann in Irish, “great… Continue reading Much Mór

Here is Poetry

A gorgeous journal arrived to my deep mulberry front door a couple of weeks ago, filled with page after page of poems you want to eat, each one almost more wonderful than the next. I am so pleased to be part of the Crosswinds Poetry Journal: I truly am in great company! Not only that,… Continue reading Here is Poetry

A Grand Canal Day Out

Dublin is a city divided by a river and bisected by two canals, one north of the river (Royal Canal) and the other south (Grand Canal). A true Dub, they say, is one born between the canals. The construction of the Grand Canal began in 1757 but it was 1804 before the first boat reached… Continue reading A Grand Canal Day Out


My daughter is not that keen on jigsaws despite a family legacy of women making puzzles together; however during our season with my parents she learned that some of the best conversations happen with pieces spread out on a board and faces leaning in, stories of who was who and what they did and maybe… Continue reading Puzzling