A Four Season Cycle

It hailed. Of course it hailed: it is Ireland and Easter. Also: rain drove, wind gusted and sun shone. It’s what keeps this country green and gives everyone something to talk about. Once you have four seasons in the one day, you’ll never be at a loss for words. During the break, we wrangled in… Continue reading A Four Season Cycle


So, Easter: that time of year when Ireland hides almost 20000 tonnes of packaging (2016 estimate), finds it, and then disposes of it. It’s been a Plastic-less Lent for me. Unfortunately not plastic-FREE: we’re not there yet. Nonetheless, I’ve been trying to go beyond what I was already doing to cut out single-use items and… Continue reading Sweet

Much More Veg

It takes some doing, this losing plastic, eating fresh and organic. We’ve gone up a notch lately, buying our fruit and veg from a farm that delivers us a jumble of produce each Friday. All the fruit and vegetable boxes are plastic-free. The sturdy cardboard boxes are collected each week, along with any of the… Continue reading Much More Veg

It’s Another Poetry Day

And so this happened: Actually, it seemed to take forever to happen, but finally it did! Every month several poems and a short story are chosen as that month’s winners of the Hennessy New Irish Writing awards. Six poets and twelve fiction writers are chosen each year to qualify for the overall Hennessy Award in… Continue reading It’s Another Poetry Day

Making Memories

One June night in the 1990s on one of my trips across the Atlantic, I had a layover in Iceland. About two in the morning, the airport was silent. I stood and gazed out the huge windows onto the red and glinting roofs of Reykjavik, the landscape’s harshness softened by the long slow gaze of… Continue reading Making Memories

It’s World Poetry Day…

… so here’s a poem! and a bit of a sneak preview of my next post. Enjoy! In Your Own Dreamtime Somewhere between creation and birth in your own dreamtime your journey outward began. Before you ever saw the light of day, the sun rose, set on you on three continents. You crossed oceans once,… Continue reading It’s World Poetry Day…

Seeing Green

A friend who visited last year told the immigration officer that she was going to “look at green things” when the officer wouldn’t take “visiting my friend” as a plausible reason to come to Ireland. So, for the day that’s in it, I thought we all might like to just look at a few green… Continue reading Seeing Green