One Family, One Dinner

Our teenage daughter, who is away at school for a semester, tells us she misses dinners at home. We feel her absence then more than any other time too. The banter just isn’t quite the same. I don’t think anyone (well, the one person, really) has fallen off their chair with laughter since she’s been gone.… Continue reading One Family, One Dinner

One City, One Book

A UNESCO City of Literature, Dublin’s bookish roots continue to flourish. An important aspect of this is April’s annual ‘One City, One Book’, an initiative from the city council and led by the public libraries, that encourages all of the city’s inhabitants to read the same book. Each year, the chosen book has a connection… Continue reading One City, One Book

Getting my Ducks in a Row

I often wonder: Why ducks? Do they like to be in a row? Should they even be in rows? There are differing ideas as to the origins of the phrase, including the obvious: ducks do walk in a row – think Mama Duck with her little ones following. Another, for those not much into cutesy… Continue reading Getting my Ducks in a Row

Golden Delicious

I’m in the hot tub at the local swimming pool, soaking up to my neck in a gurgle of hot water between swimming lengths in a chilly pool. It’s making me feel great: stretching my muscles and giving me a sense of doing something right for my body. Just like bus stops, hot tubs are… Continue reading Golden Delicious

Thoughts and Prayers: Bunting

Despite Hallmark being used as a bit of a sneer, cards can, in fact, be effective in conveying emotion. “Thoughts and prayers” can be meaningful from the right source. The cards I received in the time after my father’s death did bring comfort: the comfort that comes from knowing you are loved and surrounded by… Continue reading Thoughts and Prayers: Bunting

Bricks and Paper

One of those things that’s good to do when you need to bang something around a bit, making paper bricks with the nifty little brick maker ticks a lot of boxes, when you need boxes ticked. Tick away: Physical activity Using up what would otherwise be thrown in a bin Playing with water Creating something… Continue reading Bricks and Paper

Slán Abhaile | Safe Home

Even early on, the question haunts you once you make the decision to live away from your family, especially if the distance is continent-sized: “Will I get to say a last goodbye?” The question is easy to push aside, especially if everyone is healthy and young, but it’s there, lurking in the background every time… Continue reading Slán Abhaile | Safe Home