Cairn T for Two

My now-husband used to say his proposal would be a simple “Will you be buried with my people?” The answer was no, but also yes and so like any good honeymoon, ours included a walk in a graveyard, starting — as they say — as we meant to continue. Often places of beauty and with… Continue reading Cairn T for Two

All the light in the world

As this year draws to an end and a fresh new one waits, I wish you all the light in the world: the sun shining through the rain on spring mornings as your garden drips life all around you; long evenings that almost meet dawn when the larks singing becomes the dawn chorus; everlasting afternoons… Continue reading All the light in the world

Postcard from that Voice

The postcard arrived the minute I put charcoal to paper. I didn’t notice the image on the front — probably some gorgeous painting — but I got the message: Don’t do it. Don’t. You can’t. That’s really hard. Stop now before you make a fool of yourself. I didn’t read any further, but I’m guessing there… Continue reading Postcard from that Voice

Wish You were Here (in colour)

Wishing you some colour for your maybe-grey November! Several shades of green, some strong purple, a shine of red with two of my bests — buttons and china shards — everything your eye can see. And feast your baby blues on these 40 shades. Best wishes, all the girls and Stephen.* *From There’s Always One! patchwork… Continue reading Wish You were Here (in colour)

The Art of the Card

In the age of Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat and old-fashioned emails, my daughter started a thing: corresponding with friends by postcard. Her friend in Germany regularly dispatches beautiful images from wherever she happens to be, the pictures and the words each wonderful snapshots of her life at any one moment. A cousin sent her an… Continue reading The Art of the Card


Summertime = roller coaster time.   Whether it was braving the Big Dipper (1958) at Playland during the PNE, August drawing to an end, summer days counting down as fast as those cars travelled, or the holidays at Disneyland, Magic Mountain, Knott’s Berry Farm, with the Matterhorn, Great American Revolution (the first in the world… Continue reading Rollercoaster

Walking a Grassy Path

“Like walking in a Constable painting,” or so a visitor described the Barrow Way, a 113 kilometre trail linking Robertstown, County Kildare and St. Mullins, County Carlow, following the original 18th century towpath alongside Ireland’s second longest river. I’d love to let you believe we waltzed through the entire hundred or more kilometres, but being… Continue reading Walking a Grassy Path