Bunting on a Rainy Day

What better to do on a rainy day than make bunting as gifts for friends? With ribbon from Tiger and buttons from my button boxes, triangles cut from a coffee sack (washed first; the aroma of coffee beans had really lingered) and an Ikea net curtain, this was an easy project to brighten a dull morning.

Except for the ribbon (which I bought for €6) and the lace (given to me by a creative friend), everything else was from my craft stash.

A Few Tips…

The great thing about bunting is that almost anything goes: neatly hem (machine or by hand) the triangles, or leave the edges raw for a rustic look. Some fabrics naturally don’t fray (felt, for instance), or you can cut the pieces with pinking shears for a non-fray finish. The lace I used doesn’t fray, but the burlap does.

Ribbon, bias binding, twine or other string can be used. After careful consideration I machine sewed the ribbon to the lace and burlap bunting – to me, hand sewing seemed too arduous and Bondaweb seemed very finicky for such small strips. I was delighted with the way the gingham ribbon wove into the burlap.

When arranging the triangles onto the ribbon, measure the centre point and work out from there for an evenly spaced line.

So gather up those bits that you’ve hung onto just in case you’d ever need them and spend a happy hour or two crafting!


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