Getting my Ducks in a Row

I often wonder: Why ducks? Do they like to be in a row? Should they even be in rows?

There are differing ideas as to the origins of the phrase, including the obvious: ducks do walk in a row – think Mama Duck with her little ones following. Another, for those not much into cutesy images: the unlucky targets in a row in a shooting gallery.

This week in our house, they aren’t necessarily ducks, but little woollen chicks made to cover boiled eggs. My children each received a handmade chick (happily with a Cadbury’s egg) every Easter for their eight years in primary school, and they were a favourite granny-gift too.

We now have a bundle of brightly coloured small birds who outnumber any boiled eggs we could possibly want covered, so what better thing to do than get them in line, since that seems to be the thing to do?

I crocheted a chain and attached each quirky little creature. They now hang all in a row, whether they want to or not.

And here are a few images from my Easter tree, a tradition I first encountered when I lived in Germany in another life. The eggs include some that are hand painted, bought on a music trip to Prague with my daughter years ago and a very vintage one that my Grandma gave me when I was about six: there were candies tucked in behind.


A very joyful Easter to all of you!

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