Lynn Caldwell, poet, freelance writer, administrator for a charity that I love, partner, mother, sister, aunt.

Kennedy Street mixes up a little bit of kitchen, a little bit of crafts, some loving, a lot of living. A map-lover from early in life, I have lived in 4 countries and been a visitor in many more (34, I think). To go and to write seem to be the drive that keeps me on, although I love both my homes, Vancouver Island and Dublin.

I especially like this map: although it is of Galway and Mayo, it shows the place where I met my husband (which was not in Galway or Mayo).
And this one, this vintage North American-centric version that reminds me of the maps of my childhood (which explains why I always visualised Europe and Asia as two very separate places, with no connecting parts).

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  1. I love maps too, I always have to have to get a map of the area when I’m somewhere new. I’ve lived abroad lots too, father in RAF when I was young, been to lots of schools and lived in 44 places. Currently live on a yacht in Greece with husband.


  2. Hi Lynn! I love your creativity with maps here… Matt built a room divider when Ella was born (she slept in a little cubby in the corner of my mom’s living room) and on one said he had vintage maps of ireland, and on the other side were old maps of north america. We were so sad to part with it when we moved back to Ireland, but I truly relate with how you “envision” your homes. xx


    1. Oh I hope it’s still where you can get again if you ever have the chance to! Sounds lovely. It’s actually a bit funny: when I stood back and looked at my decoupage projects, they are mostly all with maps. 🙂 There is a random box (a practice run), some hearts (I have some with other stuff too though, in fairness) and now I’ve just put maps onto the stair risers of the attic room to C’s lair. That was a fun project.


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