Beauty Garland

Are you less crafty than a fox? Here’s a simple project for you:


All you need to be able to do is cut fairly straight and tie knots.

I bought a selection of small pieces of Christmas-y fabric, spending less than 10 with lots left over for my stash other projects. One of the great things about this craft is that you can use up bits from the above-almost-mentioned stash and incorporate loads of different texture and pattern: use lace or burlap, add bells or small baubles. This could look amazing in white and silver or white and gold.

I used strips of material about 6″/15 cm in length and cut the twine to about 10’/3 m, so I’d have lots to play with. Excess can be trimmed off obviously. It takes about six strips of material to cover 2″/5 cm of string, so do your maths regarding how many strips to cut.

Sitting tying bows onto twine is not the most riveting of activities, but I found that I can watch something on Netflix with my pile of fabric to hand and just tie away, once I’m not relying on subtitles.

It’s easy to make, won’t break and would be a great gift to send in the post*.


* more on that later.

Apologies for a Christmas posting before Advent, but I find that any kind of craft or homemade gift needs to happen before then; there’s just so much else to enjoy and do during the Advent season.


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