So, Easter: that time of year when Ireland hides almost 20000 tonnes of packaging (2016 estimate), finds it, and then disposes of it.

It’s been a Plastic-less Lent for me. Unfortunately not plastic-FREE: we’re not there yet. Nonetheless, I’ve been trying to go beyond what I was already doing to cut out single-use items and plastic.

With so much emphasis on reducing waste, I thought perhaps there would be a few more options for the Easter bunny, but both of us were disappointed.

The solution, I’m learning more and more, is to take things into my own hands. I was egg hunting on the Marks and Spencer website when I spied an idea for using up leftover chocolate – but who said it had to be leftover?

After a quick check on favourite type of chocolate (milk) and other sweets (toffee and honeycomb), I had a recipe.

I melted 300 grams of milk chocolate (a blend of 46% and 33% cocoa solids) and poured it into a tin lined with parchment paper.

Next, I melted 25g of white chocolate and drizzled it over.

Then with a skewer made it all lovely and swirly.IMG_2754I chopped up a couple of small bars with honeycomb and toffee and a few candy-coated eggs for colour. I put them on top, carefully placing the eggs after they kept diving upside down into the chocolate.IMG_2760

I’ll pop it into a box I already have and it’s ready to be found Easter morning.


In other chocolate news: I’m hoping these beautiful little eggs will be shared with me, though what sold me was the 100% plant fibre box. Hotel Chocolat aims to have 100% of their packaging compostable, recyclable or re-usable by 2021 and 100% of their cocoa is produced with Engaged Ethics, a fair trade-like system that is tailor made for their producers.

And another bonus for the feasting season:

strawberries that came in a wooden box. Sweet.


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