Nog and Nanaimo, the List

And to add some balance to my latest post, here’s a little list from where I am now:

  1. Eggnog! I have been thinking about this for weeks now. Sshhh – I put it on my porridge this morning. Yum!
  2. The amazing fresh air that hits you the minute you step outside. I don’t really think I’m breathing less than the best when I’m in Dublin, until I step outside on Vancouver Island.
  3. A ten minute walk to the ocean.
  4. Meeting people who I almost never see anymore but who are part of memories and stories that I tell my family about now.
  5. The mountains: their beauty, the majestic protection of them.
  6. Living in an area that is humming with creativity: from the island itself with artisans and creators around every turn in the road to our own neighbourhood with studios, cafes, and quirky shops.

    Gallery Row, our local outdoor exhibit.
  7. Vintageness all around me: the daily choice of which jug for the coffee cream.
  8. Paper towels instead of those loud, semi-effective hot air hand driers. It really is the simple things.
  9. All things Nanaimo bar. I was tempted to combine numbers 1 and 9 on my list and try the eggnog Nanaimo bar in a cafe the other day, but I resisted. So far.
  10. Laughing over the same old stories and lots of new ones with my clan. Free refills on coffee. Pancake breakfasts. The hope for snow.

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