The Last Commute

The journey begins like this: a small bike, a bobbing orange flag, a larger bike. A dad and his daughter, age four. Destination: the Naoinra. At the start, I wasn’t so sure, but in this father knew best and under our watchful eyes, and with the occasional warning shout, the first rider, and then the second,… Continue reading The Last Commute


What’s keeping you sane these days? For me, it’s the simple satisfaction of completion: the lists crossed off, the last piece put in place. In this time of limited distraction and distance I’ve found that seeing things finished is very good for my self. In fact, I just read this week that completing a task… Continue reading Diversions

Sharing of the Green

It is that time of year again: time to feast our eyes on the green of spring, of life, of hope. Let’s take the road that calls us, the one that leads to people in our past or our present, the ones that always say, “Come this way”. Let’s see how others play with green:… Continue reading Sharing of the Green

Acceptance of Rejection

With the year still as shiny as a new penny, I celebrated the first rejection of 2021. Celebratory is not exactly how I felt — this was for an award I would have loved to receive and even dared hope for — but yet, it was a celebration: the work goes on. I have poems… Continue reading Acceptance of Rejection

Bluest of Mondays

The concept of Blue Monday — the third Monday in January deemed the most depressing day of the year because we are cold, broke and disappointed in ourselves after our new years’ best intentions have irrevocably fallen by the slushy wayside — is based on several assumptions. One, that we live in the northern hemisphere… Continue reading Bluest of Mondays

2020: Give or Take

As years go, 2020 is pretty hard to process. At a glance (and don’t we all wish we had only got a glimpse of it?), most would agree it was crap. I can’t just let it go at that, though. As it finally ends, I am feeling the need to think of the good things… Continue reading 2020: Give or Take

Beautiful Bog

The Killamuck Bog Loop Walk (Coill na Muc, Hill of the Swine) is part of almost 500 beautiful acres of recovering raised bog, cutaway bog, meadows, and carr woodland. It’s not always been so. In the 1980s, Bord na Móna (Irish Peat Board) cut extensive drains into the Abbeyleix bog in preparation for stripping the… Continue reading Beautiful Bog

A Story and a Legend

Every story has its ending sometime. In our estate, one lovely story ended this week with the passing of our amazing neighbour, Mrs. Lynch. My part of that story started just after we were married. I decided to host a coffee morning for the Irish Hospice Foundation, an annual happening in Ireland. Although I did… Continue reading A Story and a Legend

What To Do When There’s Nothing To Do

It’s easy these days to think about all those things we can’t do at the moment, especially now that Ireland has stepped back again into stricter guidelines. I could list all those things I’m missing — sometimes it is good to stop and mourn — but I think it’s also helpful to relish what I… Continue reading What To Do When There’s Nothing To Do

Irish Muffins

Bread is one of those things that has both the hint of the sacred and the touch of the common about it. From Jesus’ “I am the Bread of Life” and the symbolism of his broken body in the communion loaf to wheat symbolising resurrection, carrying within its life cycle the mystery of birth and… Continue reading Irish Muffins