Little Bit of Lace

I know all of you, dear readers, have been wondering what to do with your leftover lacy bits. You know, those doilies with a bit of a stain that lemon juice, sunshine, salt, 20 Mule Team Borax or elbow grease just won’t remove, or a small tear that defies even the finest stitching with the most delicate needle.

Yes, I know you’ve all been stumped, so I’m here – as always – to help.

Although I didn’t actually have any doilies with the above description, I did manage to acquire a few, mostly from a basket at a local thrift store that occasionally offers one with every sale.

So with a 30¢ length of cotton ribbon and a short time muttering curses at the sewing machine, I ended up with some lovely lacy bunting.

The great thing about bunting is its versatility: it can be seasonal or permanent, flashy or discreet, any size, any shape, any length. It’s washable and will dry out after a rain shower. Also, you can make it out of just about anything: oilcloth, if you want it super shower proof; leftover scraps or carefully sourced prints; cotton fabric or fleece; burlap sacking or velvet; wool or lace.

Goodbye leftover lace! Hello bunting! Happy weekend everyone!



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