Wish You were Here (in colour)

Wishing you some colour for your maybe-grey November!


Several shades of green, some strong purple,

a shine of red with two of my bests — buttons and china shards —


everything your eye can see.

And feast your baby blues on these 40 shades.


Best wishes, all the girls and Stephen.*


*From There’s Always One! patchwork exhibit: Anne Marie Horan’s All the Girls and Stephen uses the stars from the seven sisters block, one in each of her six sisters’ favourite colours (and hers too!). Her brother, Stephen, is a sawtooth star and she “printed over and stitched [her] mother’s writing in the message she used to sign cards; [her] father’s writing of [their] names as he addressed their ‘Christmas box’ envelopes.”


This postcard is thanks to the Knitting and Stitching Show, Dublin, the Irish Patchwork Society, the Irish Guild of Embroiderers, and the National College of Art and Design Graduate Showcase.

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