Change in the Air

As autumn rolls in with colours transforming, temperature (mostly) dropping and light lessening, it feels like time to change, as if it’s the real new year.

I’m marking the move from summer to autumn by writing more poetry, ordering organic vegetable boxes, getting back on my bike. Fresh, creative, and pushing me just that little bit: its all a punchy seasonal wake up.

Other bits of change-ness:

  • We have a student living in our guest room for a bit and
  • one of our students has finished school for now, and is delighted with her new job, but also
  • one of the adults is working more than ever but has decided to go back to school too. Music technology called, he answered, and is now enjoying immersion into all things sound while
  • our other scholar has left behind smaller school for bigger school and it feels like he’s been there forever (in a good way).
  • We are saying good bye to our retro 70s table with its gold velvet-cushioned chairs that crossed the Atlantic with one of my aunts-in-law. Loaded with food for many celebrations, elbows have leaned on it for after-dinner discussions with friends or the four of us; family game nights have seen arguments and laughter – sometimes simultaneously – reflected off its surface. Here’s to many more times of connecting around plain oak and chairs brought all the way from – yes, truly – Vancouver (but not by us!).
  • At work, we have lost our office partners, the much larger charity who brought our space to life. It currently feels very empty and quiet but I’m looking forward to what will be the new normal, even though I’ve no idea what that will be. And trying not to be lonely, remembering that two years ago I was often completely on my own in an entire close-to-derelict building, and at this time of year anticipated the creepiness of leaving the building in the dark.

I love you change!

Well, really I don’t, but I’m embracing you.



Our vegetable boxes are from Green Earth Organics.

New-to-us table from Delia’s Gallery and chairs from Facebook Marketplace.

5 thoughts on “Change in the Air

  1. You are so right on Lynn. Change for me in Crofton by the sea means throw out the summer plants, store the furniture, sweep the patio clear and stock up the wood box. Then …look for the more inspiring times to roll in like the fog, seeping into every fiber of my being, chasing away the dark. Yes, I too embrace change.

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