Bits and Piecework

It’s amazing what happens when you find someone else’s unfinished project or stash of fabric or other craft supplies. I’ve been going through my mom’s – she may have a nasty shock when she reads this, but we can deal with that then – and found a few gems.

Thrift stores supplied the other parts, usually for little money, except for the time I went to get a zipper (25¢ for a 22″ black invisible zip) and came home with a blender, one set of double cotton sheets, some gorgeous Tommy Hilfiger pj bottoms, and a funky little purse, and left the zipper on the counter. I went back for it the next day, BUT I DID NOT BUY ANYTHING ELSE. I tell you the truth.

So brought to you by my mom’s vintage suitcases of fabric, my aunt’s late mother-in-law’s piecework, free scraps from Artzi Stuff, and various thrift stores, here are a few fruits of a cold winter and rainy spring on the west coast:

This cushion cover will prop up readers or Netflix watchers at home. The squares were already made from some wonderful vintage scraps and the black (also the back of the cover) is a beautiful lightweight wool from a thrift store. The invisible zipper (after all that!) is perfect for it. I sized it with Ikea’s 60 cm cushions in mind.

The messenger bag was created from some vintage ticking and leftover curtain fabric, plus a thrift store piece. There’s a pocket inside and I got to use that shell pink rick rack for outside trim – isn’t rick rack just the grooviest thing, with the best name? The bag is lined with a heavy fleece interfacing for padding (which unfortunately I had to buy new), and it will take a 17″ laptop.

And this fabric — blue stripe and a couple of the florals — is for another messenger bag, which will be about 1/3 smaller. I’m imaging textile bracelets from the blue and purple strips but if the weather looks good, I can’t promise anything!


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