Something Old, Something New

I promise I won’t be doing minute-by-minute updates on my back garden, but I did want to share this small start toward the garden re-imagining: two plant pots, both already changing the look of the place, and both special deals.


The tall one came from a visit to a friendly garden centre, Newlands, where it was the only one and on display. The helpful staff gave it to me for a very good price, and then threw in the flowers as well (and all the potting compost!).

The other, short and fat with a vintage floral design, we found at Mac’s Salvage, a treasure trove of old and new (and former home of our big red radiator, some of our doors, flooring, and other bits). It’s broken at the lip, but that will be easily hidden. Though it’s dwarfed beside the tall one, it’s big enough (about 28 cm/11in high) to make an impact of its own.

So, two steps forward.

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