2020: Give or Take

As years go, 2020 is pretty hard to process. At a glance (and don’t we all wish we had only got a glimpse of it?), most would agree it was crap. I can’t just let it go at that, though. As it finally ends, I am feeling the need to think of the good things… Continue reading 2020: Give or Take

A Story and a Legend

Every story has its ending sometime. In our estate, one lovely story ended this week with the passing of our amazing neighbour, Mrs. Lynch. My part of that story started just after we were married. I decided to host a coffee morning for the Irish Hospice Foundation, an annual happening in Ireland. Although I did… Continue reading A Story and a Legend

19 Things I Learned in January, or How to Get Through Grief

    Okay, so most of these things I already knew, but sometimes being reminded is much the same as learning it again. Lists can be your friend, but sometimes it is better to have no lists. Be kind. Bite your tongue. Keep biting it. Don’t take it personally. Give hugs. Receive hugs. Sometimes it is… Continue reading 19 Things I Learned in January, or How to Get Through Grief

The Village Around

How do we humans do it? How are we able to bury our dead and keep on going, over and over? How can we mourn those we love, knowing we will have to do it again? Within us is this capacity to love and keep loving, to keep giving after loss. Just as it takes a… Continue reading The Village Around