Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons

For years I have marked the changing of the seasons by the Japanese cherry outside my window.

In spring, when blossoms emerge like popcorn in slow motion, I wonder at how quickly the year has passed, and try to remember what was happening last spring when lacy flowers graced my view.

The burgundy leaves follow, and nest building. Last year a foolish pigeon set up home just branches away from a magpie nest (which looks to be occupied again this year). Every morning I checked on the pigeon on her nest, until one morning she was there no longer, and I’m guessing the magpies were happy.

Late afternoons, the leaves dapple shadows and light on my bedroom walls and I remember my babies fascinated by the play of shapes and shade beside them.

With autumn winds and weather, the leaves drift and fly, and finally the tree is bare.

Winter brings a view of the street and neighbours, and I dream of what seems like the far-off time when the blossoms are back.


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