Only Connect

The Cathal Buí Hedge School — named for Cathal Buí Mac Giolla Ghunna (c. 1680 – 1756) an Irish speaking poet, singer and quick wit —  celebrates the man himself with a reading of his well-known poem The Yellow Bittern (about a bird who died not able to drink from a frozen lake, the moral… Continue reading Only Connect

Here is Poetry

A gorgeous journal arrived to my deep mulberry front door a couple of weeks ago, filled with page after page of poems you want to eat, each one almost more wonderful than the next. I am so pleased to be part of the Crosswinds Poetry Journal: I truly am in great company! Not only that,… Continue reading Here is Poetry

What I Should Have Written

It’s the end of June and re-reading my list of stuff to get done this month had me frustrated and a little ornery. But then I realised the problem was that I didn’t write the right things on my list. I should have written: go to poetry workshops, buy poetry, read poetry, write poetry bake cakes visit… Continue reading What I Should Have Written

It’s Another Poetry Day

And so this happened: Actually, it seemed to take forever to happen, but finally it did! Every month several poems and a short story are chosen as that month’s winners of the Hennessy New Irish Writing awards. Six poets and twelve fiction writers are chosen each year to qualify for the overall Hennessy Award in… Continue reading It’s Another Poetry Day

It’s World Poetry Day…

… so here’s a poem! and a bit of a sneak preview of my next post. Enjoy! In Your Own Dreamtime Somewhere between creation and birth in your own dreamtime your journey outward began. Before you ever saw the light of day, the sun rose, set on you on three continents. You crossed oceans once,… Continue reading It’s World Poetry Day…